Group therapy for adults 18+ who are ready to go from severe anxiety to gaining control and getting relief

Your anxiety isn't stupid, ridiculous, or weird. In this group, we're familiar with every fear there is. And people need support, when they are up against a formidable foe.

When your anxiety, disturbing thoughts, or compulsions are getting worse, you don’t want…

  • To be told “calm down,” “just breathe” or “you need to relax!”
  • To be taught deep breathing and nothing else
  • To try yet another thing that doesn’t even make a dent in your anxiety

Freedom From Fear group therapy will help you:

  • Actually “get over” your anxiety, and be able to drive, fly, go to the dentist or see a spider, etc without being wracked with panic
  • Learn 50+ tools to prevent anxiety in the first place
  • Master 50+ coping skills to calm down as fast as possible
  • Eat right, sleep well, go to work or school, and be truly present with loved ones
  • Talk with other adults who actually understand your fear

Groups start 4 times per year, and last 10 weeks. Complete the form below to speak with Group Therapist Maggie Dix, MSW, LSW to get any questions answered, and talk about next steps.