Even little kids can have a big fear, but with help they can face it.

Kids ages 5-7 need help from parents and professionals when severe anxiety gets in the way of eating, sleeping, or going to school. For example:

  • The child can't enjoy playing because the child checks, counts, or "confesses" scary thoughts to parents 1+ hour per day
  • The child is unable to sleep enough, due to fear of "the dark," monsters, bugs, dogs, or scary characters
  • The child is unable to eat enough food due to fears about germs, dirt, mold or household cleaners
  • The child asks parents over and over for reassurance about their fear

Our Children's Anxiety Management Group will help your child:

  • Face fears a little bit at a time, so they can eat, sleep, play, go to school, and enjoy being a kid
  • Stop getting bossed around by anxiety, and learn how to boss it back
  • Talk with other kids with similar fears and realize they're not "the only one."

One or two parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend this group, at no additional cost, with their child.

The next group starts soon! Complete the form below to speak with Group Therapist Maggie Dix, MSW, LSW about next steps.