Powerful support, created by and for LGBTQ people

For LGBTQ adults who are ready to go from isolated and judged, to empowered and confident, either with or without the rainbows and pride parades!

If you've been feeling...

  • Dread about making new friends or romantic partners
  • Sucker punched by bullying from friends, family or total strangers
  • Reluctant to see healthcare workers who have no clue about sexual orientation or gender identity

LGBTQ Affirmative Group Therapy will help you:

  • Successfully deal with stress so you can get your needs met
  • Be able to "just be,"and anchor yourself in the present moment
  • Feel confident when facing uncomfortable conversations
  • Put yourself out there with new people (either friends or romantic partners) and know whether they're healthy for you
  • Stand strong for who you are, even when bullies try to get to you
  • Do what you can to fight inequality in legal, education, religion, work, and healthcare spaces
  • Feel feelings, and express feelings, while respecting yourself and others
  • Pause and ground yourself before reacting in situations

Groups start 4 times per year, and last 10 weeks. Complete the form below to speak with Group TherapistMaggie Dix, MSW, LSW to get any questions answered, and talk about next steps.

Maz Kanata: "Han, you've been running away from this fight for too long."
Rey: "What fight?"
Maz Kanata: "The ONLY fight. against the Dark Side. Through the ages I have seen evil take many forms."