For neurodivergent adults who struggle to receive the support and validation they need, to thrive with their differently-wired brain.

When you don't feel supported or understood, every misunderstanding can feel like it's your fault for just being yourself.

Neurodivergent adults may struggle to receive validation and understanding from the many neurotypical people around them, which can lead to burnout, decreased joy in social situations, and even anger or resentment towards loved ones who "just don't get it"

We can't just learn to cope with a world not designed for us without people who can relate or support us in the ways we need.

Do you:

  • Struggle to explain to others what you need, or feel unheard when you explain?
  • Feel like you are alone in a completely unique experience?
  • Struggle to cope with a world not designed for how your brain works?
  • Feel invalidated in your daily struggles?
  • Work tirelessly to fit into social situations in order to be accepted?

Our Adult Neurodivergent Group Will Help You:

  • Feel comfortable expressing your needs and frustrations to people who hear you.
  • Find validation from a community who understand and support you.
  • Talk with other adults with similar brains and know you're not the only one.
This group is designed for neurodivergent people to develop community and social supports who understand and accept them as their truest selves, and to discuss how we can foster the same support from others in our life.

It's time to find others like you, who you can be yourself with, and be celebrated for it.

The next group starts Soon! Complete the form below to speak with Group Therapist Noah Alvarado, MSW, LSW, CADC about next steps.