SUBSTANCE ABUSE RECOVERY: Treatment From Different Angles

Group therapy for adults struggling with a pattern of substance use so they can receive many approaches to healing

When we are stuck worrying about our next dose of pleasure or peace, it robs us of the joy in front of us.

Life without drinking or using can make us irritable, lonely, and socially awkward. So much of our life changes, we hardly recognize the person in the mirror. Whether we're counting days, or just trying to learn how to do this, we need ways to cope with the day-to-day, and achieve the goal that's right for us, even if it's not total abstinence.

From Every Angle is an evidence-based alternative to 12 step programs, to help adults who...

  • Don't have friends who are also trying to refrain from substances
  • Can't talk to their family or coworkers about it
  • End up isolating themselves and at risk for returning to substance use

Our Addiction Recovery Group will help you:

  • Learn and engage with a diverse range of approaches to managing addiction
  • Develop a list of coping strategies that actually work to create healthy patterns
  • Talk with others about your collective experiences with recovery
  • Develop a recovery community who who encourage and inspire you
  • Practice a range of therapeutic approaches to healing from or managing your substance use

It's time to make some changes towards creating a life of balance and sustainable joy.

The next group starts soon! Complete the form below to speak with Group Therapist Noah Alvarado, MSW, LSW, CADC about next steps.