You're not an idiot, a freak or a loser. You have anxiety, and this therapy group teaches you exactly how to slay the anxiety monster, so you can live your dreams.

Group therapy that offers more than "deep breathing" for teens with severe anxiety, so you can have people by your side, as you fight this fight.

Many teens struggled with severe anxiety, even before the pandemic happened. Now, it's only gotten worse. You get stomach aches, headaches, and hot and cold flashes. You can't get intrusive, disturbing images out of your head. Your heart pounds, you feel like you're dying, or you worry you're going to "go crazy."

Teens can't overcome anxiety on their own, and parents don't know how to help when their teens:

  • Panic about grades, SATs, ACTs, GPA and finals, then procrastinate, then panic again
  • Feel extremely worried that someone is "mad at me."
  • Don't know anyone whose anxiety is as bad as theirs

Our Teen Anxiety Management Group will help you:

  • Try out 50+ tools to put in their comprehensive anxiety management plan
  • Gain some control over their fears so they can calm down as fast as possible
  • Actually eat, sleep, and relax when they need to
  • Talk to teens with similar fears and know they're not "the only one."

The next group starts soon! This group lasts 10 weeks. Complete the form below to speak with Group Therapist Maggie Dix, MSW, LSW about next steps.