For tweens who may know their fears are unlikely to happen, but can't stop being scared, and who want to get back to being the kid they are meant to be!

Anxious tweens may have stomach aches, headaches, and crying spells.They may feel worried, dread bedtime, and beg to stay home from school. They may get angry when parents/caregivers say, “Honey, we all have to do things even when we’re scared."

Tweens can’t overcome it on their own, and parents can have no idea how to help, when their tweens:

  • Check the weather constantly fearing a natural disaster is coming, or refuse to leave the house fearing a mass shooting
  • Panic about insects, spiders, snakes, dogs, coyotes, and even characters that aren't real, like Sirenhead or Cartoon Cat
  • Ask parents over and over for reassurance, or feel crushed when when someone might be mad at them, or get frantic when they get a "bad" grade

Our Tween Anxiety Management Group will help your tween:

  • Gain some control over their fears so they can eat, sleep, go to school, extracurriculars, and stay connected to close friends and family
  • Get comfortable with uncertainty and imperfection
  • Talk with other kids with similar fears and know they're not "the only one.

This group is designed for tweens to learn everything they need to know, to stop thinking about what could happen, and learn, step by step, how to challenge their fears and overcome them.

It's time to help your tween build confidence about handling situations, and calm themselves down when something scary happens.

The next group starts soon! Complete the form below to speak with Group Therapist Maggie Dix, MSW, LSW about next steps.