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Children's Therapy in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL

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Children's therapy aids young people by offering a variety of resources to serve as outlets for their emotions. Counselors at Jessica A. Sweet Therapy Services help children overcome bullying, anxiety, depression, defiance issues and the affects of divorce.

We give children access to play-based therapy games, stories, art projects and sand trays to help them cope with their emotions and reactions in an approachable way.

It's difficult deciding whether your child can benefit from counseling. Look for these signs:

  • Loss of interest in activities your child used to enjoy
  • Tendency to overreact in anger to small annoyances
  • Changes in your child's appetite and sleeping habits
  • Trouble concentrating or an inability to sit still
  • Repetitive self-destructive behaviors like skin-picking

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We offer ADHD therapy as part of our children's therapy program

Your child can benefit from ADHD therapy that helps them find solutions to their issues with focus and attention. We provide your child with the resources they need to be successful on their own terms.

Therapy assists children by teaching them skills to rein in their impulsivity. Your child can gain the tools they need to focus better in school and at home.

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