conflict resolution in Schaumburg, IL and Chicago, IL

Couples Therapy in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL

Our therapists will help you heal your relationship

Whether you are getting married soon or were married 50 years ago, all relationships can benefit from couples therapy. Don't settle with a marriage that is just okay-work with Jessica A. Sweet Therapy Services to improve your communication skills and make the most of life with the person you love. Call to schedule an appointment if you need:

  • Premarital counseling
  • Co-parenting counseling following divorce
  • Conflict resolution therapy
  • Communication skill-building

Our experienced therapists will help you understand the problems affecting your relationship and will talk with you to create solutions that work. Find peace in your relationship again by reaching out to us today at 847-701-4191.

Experiencing co-parenting difficulties following your divorce?

Divorce is difficult for parents and can be traumatic for the children involved. Transitioning from parents to co-parents can be hard, so let a licensed therapist work with your family. Make sure that your children are raised in a healthy environment, no matter what the living situation may be. Contact Jessica A. Sweet Therapy Services in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL and ask how we can help you navigate parenting after a divorce.