Trouble at Home?


Jessica A. Sweet Therapy Services is a therapy office you can trust to help you resolve issues within your family or intimate relationship.

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If you're looking for effective therapy for anxiety, depression or conflict resolution in Schaumburg, Illinois, you've come to a safe place.

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Contact Jessica A. Sweet Therapy Services to schedule your initial appointment with a trained therapist in Schaumburg, IL.

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Why Visit Jessica A. Sweet Therapy Services?

Find family, individual, child, or couples therapy in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL

Jessica A. Sweet Therapy Services in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL combines empathetic listening with proven clinical techniques to deliver healing to couples, families and individuals. If you find yourself struggling, either with yourself or in an important relationship, let our trained therapists help you find a way past your negative emotions and toward a brighter tomorrow. Let Jessica A. Sweet help with your couples therapy or family therapy.

You'll find help as an individual

Often times, healing begins with the individual. If you're suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, ADHD, relationship issues & you need couples therapy, or some other issue, let our individual therapy in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL improve your outlook, one healthy step at a time. We can give you the anxiety therapy, depression therapy, or other individual therapy service you may need.

You'll find help for your child

If your child is suffering from ADHD, bullying, worry, depression, anger, defiance or divorce issues, let our empathetic and kind therapists use proven techniques (including play therapy) to improve the situation.

You'll find help for your relationship

If you are in a troubling relationship and need couples therapy to help resolve issues through proven clinical techniques. Contact us today for couples therapy in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL.

You'll heal your family and relationships

If your family is dealing with issues including sibling and parenting struggles, parent-child conflict or transition struggles, we can help you grow together, rather than grow apart!

We also have a track record of successful couples therapy, including:

Premarital counseling
Conflict resolution
Communication skills-building
Co-parenting difficulties following divorce

Isn't it time you allowed the healing to begin in your own life, as well as the life of your family? Contact Jessica A. Sweet Therapy Services in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL to schedule an appointment today. We promise to answer your e-mail or phone call within 48 hours!